Steering Committee

James Faubion

Dr. James Faubion, Radoslav Tsanoff Professor Emeritus

Dr. Faubion is the author and editor of Critical Thinkers Now: Michel Foucault (Polity Press, forthcoming 2014), An Anthropology of Ethics (ed., with George Marcus, Cambridge 2011), Shadows and Lights of Waco: Millenialism Today (Princeton, 2001), among other works. His current research includes the problematization of the statistical representation of the future, the logical and rhetorical dimensions of the narrative imagination of the future, and the contemporary modalities of the engagement with risk and uncertainty. He has written widely on the anthropology of self-formation and ethics; anthropological research design; the work of Michel Foucault; the theorization of kinship; religious ideation and practice; the anthropology of literature; and ancient and modern Greece.

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Timothy Morton

Dr. Timothy Morton, Rita Shea Guffey Professor of English

Dr. Morton is the Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University. He has collaborated with Björk, Laurie Anderson, Jennifer Walshe, Jeff Bridges, Sabrina Scott, Olafur Eliasson, and Pharrell Williams. He co-wrote and appears in Living in the Future's Past, a 2018 film about global warming with Jeff Bridges.

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Betty Joseph

Dr. Betty Joseph, Associate Professor of English

Betty Joseph’s research and teaching center on eighteenth-century British literature, contemporary Anglophone literature, and critical theory with a special interest in the novel, colonial/postcolonial studies, Marxist theory, and globalization.

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